5 ways to know if PPC is right for your business


5 ways to know if PPC is right for your business

Paid advertising, in particular Google Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is a valuable tool for many businesses. It can be extremely effective in increasing website traffic and generating sales. However it is not as simple as; you put money in, you get money out. Therefore it is not a tool which should be employed for every product and service. 

Here at TUSK digital, we offer bespoke plans for our customers, and we only offer solutions which we fully believe will work. 

There are a few questions we always ask ourselves when it comes to deciding if Pay-Per-Click is a good option for our customers. 

  1. Is our customer’s average order value (AOV) high? The very nature of Pay-Per-Click advertising is that you pay every time someone clicks on your advert. Not every click will result in a sale and the cost of these unfruitful clicks has an impact on your overall return on investment. If you sell a high volume of low cost products, PPC might not be right for you, and instead we might choose to focus on organic brand building and SEO instead, to increase the volume of traffic to your website and social media channels. On the flipside, if you sell high ticket items such as conservatories or electronics then PPC will most likely feature as part of the media schedule we put together for you.
  2. Do your main keywords have an extremely small search volume? Perhaps you sell an extremely niche product, or you sell a product or service which is yet to make the move to being sold online. For example, the keywords “Blogger Outreach Software” only gets around 2,000 impressions per month, meaning that it might not be cost effective or scalable to run a PPC campaign. On the other hand, if you sell a niche product which people regularly search for and buy online, you should definitely consider PPC. Make sure you look at the search volume over time, and the suggested bid amount, and if both are appealing then it’s worth running a campaign. The golden goose is finding keywords which have a high search volume and low competition! 
  3. What kind of budget are we working with? Google PPC works by ​​targeting a specific keyword and making bids on that keyword. Because you are competing with others also targeting the keyword, it is necessary to have a significant budget to be competitive. We would recommend a minimum spend of £500 per month to see results, but most companies will need to, or choose to spend a lot more to beat their competitors. 

Here at TUSK, we consider the above factors and run keyword reports to suggest the most appropriate approach for your products and services. 

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